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Special Note:

Our general service area is eastern Prince William County. We do service Western Prince and Fairfax county however, please note that an additional $25.00-$75.00 charge will be added to the selected service.

Spring Start Up Special (Push Mower $95.00)

  • Oil change
  • Blade sharpening
  • Cable (‘s) lubrication
  • Plug and filter check and cleaning ( plug and air filter replacement is included if needed)
  • belt dressing for self propelled mower
  • Check overall running condition
  • If your mower doesn’t run this is generally due to a gumed up carburator. Please add $50.00 to the cost.

Winter  Service (Snow Blower $95.00)

  • Oil  change (5w-30w)
  • Spark plug check and change if nessasary
  • Check belts and dress
  • Cable lubrication
  • All lube points greased or oiled
  • Old fuel drained and replaced with treated fuel (stabilized)
  • Tire inflated to proper PSI
  • I pick up and return before the snow flies
  • Check overall running condition

If your snow blower doesn’t run this is generally due to a gumed up carburator. Please add $50.00 to the cost.

Riding Mower Service in Woodbridge Va

Spring Start Up Special (Riding Mower $195.00)

  • Oil and filter change (if equipped)
  • Blade sharpening (up to 3 blades)
  • Check drive and deck belts ( if belts need replacing a separate charge will apply)
  • Spark plug and air filter check and cleaning ( if replacement is necessary they generally run about $25.00)
  • All lube points greased or oiled
  • Check battery and charging system
  • Mower deck leveling
  • Carburetion check ( if carburetor needs cleaned add $50.00)
  • Check overall running condition

Mower/ Equipment Won’t Start ($75.00 Min.)

Mowers are somewhat like computers these days. There is a point when it doesn’t make financial sense to repair your equipment.  We can usually diagnosis the problem within 15 – 30 minute. Once we have a clear picture of the problem we offer you several solutions.

    1. The first option is to give you a clear cost of repairs. From that point we move forward with repairs. Usually under $200.00
    2. The second option might be your engine has internal damage and it doesn’t make financial sense to repair. In this situation, we’ll offer to take your mower away and waive the $50.00 service fee. It might be valuable for parts to us and it won’t go to the landfill.
    3. The third is a simple fix and take less than an hour to repair. $50.00 per hour plus parts cost
Man I cut Good! Service Available

  • Tune up (parts differ based on engine manufacturer)
  • Blade Sharpening
  • Carburetor cleaning or rebuilds
  • Blade balancing
  • Cable replacement and lubrication
  • Top end carbon cleaning
  • Value work (lapping, adjusting, replacement)
  • Engine rebuild (piston, rings, crankshaft, rod(s) bearings, seals)
  • Recoil replacement or repair
  • Muffler replacement
  • Belt replacement
Honda, Briggs and Statton, Lawn Boy, Tecumseh,Kohler engines
Winter Special
Winter Special
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by Vic Thombs on Mower Medic Md.
Great service!!

Terrific job on my mower! Runs like new, reasonable pricing, came on time, very professional.

by Steve Tefft on Mower Medic Md.
Look no Further

Rich is the best. He makes keeping your mower maintained so easy be coming to your house to perform the work. He did my spring mower tune-up... more

by George Powers on Mower Medic Md.

Richard repaired my lawn vac recently, his service and knowledge is amazing! I have a large yard with many trees, and when I tried to use my... more

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