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I’ve enjoyed fixing things all my life. It came from my dad,AboutUs who was from a time when throwing something out was strictly forbidden. In our house there was always an attempt to fix rather than replace.  As a result, you could always find an old toaster, engine, pulley, nut, bolt or screw he would save just in case. Those times have long past (as my dad has) but I still enjoy some of the same values that I grew up with.

I took the knowledge of what I learned from my dad to the job force. I worked as a mechanic in the late 70’s to early 80’s at a semi-private golf course in Florida. This seemed to be a perfect fit for me, because I was able to do  the two things I love…repairing small engines and playing golf.

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More to come!

Update: As you can see I’ve got a new partner. Her name is Liberty Belle (Libby ). We got her on July 4th hence her patriotic name. She keeps me company as I service or repair your equipment. She is quite friendly and loves people and other canine or feline friends. If your a dog lover she will gladly give you hugs and kisses…..

1-18-2020: Happy New Year all. A lot has changed over the past couple of month’s. Libby has grown to a whopping 45lbs and we have moved to lanncaster Pa. It is my hope that I can grow the business that I started in No Virginia here in Pa. If you need help my ex partner will be glad to help you. His name is Will Thorne (Pro-Core). You can reach him at 703-987-7066. 


Her first swim!

Quite the beauty!
Honda, Briggs and Statton, Lawn Boy, Tecumseh,Kohler engines
Winter is coming
Winter is coming
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by Tony Cruz on Mower Medic Md.
Mower fixed at great price

Rich, awesome job! Highly recommended coming from a retired mil officer. Competitive great pricing. Explains problem and solution. 5 Stars!

by Dawn Helm on Mower Medic Md.
Great Mechanic!

Rich has worked on several pieces of my equipment! HE IS AN EXPERT!! He can make any engine purr, and bring it back to factory specification... more

by Tammy A. on Mower Medic Md.

We are pleased to have had Richard maintain/repair our mowers for 2 seasons. Each time he was scheduled to come out, he has been kind, polite... more

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